Food and drink of New York.

Having previously visited New York, I knew this trip was going to be a little different. With Top of the Rock, the Empire State and the such like already achieved it was time to focus on other parts of the city – food.

New York views

I had a very able partner in crime I was visiting the city with and she researched the hell out of this. I can take very little credit for the ideas. However, what I can take credit for is the planning and itinerary. Yes, I created a spreadsheet complete with addresses and distances from the hotel.

I wanted to share with you the places we visited, and I honestly think you can take this blog post and have the best culinary New York experience ever (not too big myself up too much).

Now. Unfortunately I was often too busy stuffing my face, or drinking, to take many photos, so you will have to take my word and go and visit yourself.


DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, 550 La Guardia Pl.

Yes, saw this on instagram. Yes, had to queue. Yes, it was totally worth it. You know Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream? Take away the ice cream and add Reese’s or chocolate chips or confetti or so many other tasty additions. Oh. My. God. So good.

Beauty and Essex, 146 Essex St.

Any restaurant where you enter through a Pawn shop is going to be great. We started with cocktails, which were so delicious. The food is served more tapas style, and we ate ourselves silly. The grilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings were amazing. We also had chicken meatballs with sheeps milk ricotta, caesar toast and sashimi. The decor and atmosphere were so eclectic and just fabulous.

Momofuku, 171 1st Avenue.

On a previous trip to New York I had visited the Milk Bar and been lucky enough to have a char Sui bun. I knew I was going back and decided on this trip to head to the Noodle Bar. This time I managed to take a photo! I was so eager, I was outside before it even opened at midday. It was so worth it. Queues do build up, so if you want to dig make sure you head early. Or be prepared to wait, it is worth it. Honestly, these buns are my favourite food in New York.

Stanton Social, 99 Stanton St.

As luck would have it, this little gem was literally just around the corner from our hotel. We had booked Saturday brunch here, but the dinner menu also looked amazing. Another tapas style eating, New York clearly has a thing for this. I had never had tapas for breakfast before, so took to it with gusto. The ricotta fritters with raspberry jelly was a party in my mouth. Combined with Huevos Rancheros soft tacos, breakfast bruschetta and a take on a breakfast burger. All washed down with delicious brunch cocktails. The small sunken room, had a very luxury feel. My favourite spot.

Craft, 43 E 19th St.

This was our big meal out, and so we went for the tasting menu. It made me step outside of my comfort zone and I even ate fish. Those who know me, will tell you how big a deal this is for me as I eat NO fish. The staff were great and very friendly. Plus such an extensive wine list! Fine dining at its best.

Fig and Olive, 808 Lexington Avenue.

A series of restaurants dotted about New York and the perfect spot for a New York lunch. We headed to one Uptown and had lots and lots of wine over a classic salad. Excellent options and very ‘ladies who lunch’.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, 1 E 32nd St.

We visited this place at about 11.30pm after a basketball game, and it felt so New York going out for Korean Food having headed back into Manhattan from Brooklyn. You can tell it was going to be good, as the place was full of Korean people tucking into their food even that late at night. The food is cooked on the barbecue set in the middle of the table, and comes with so many accompaniments. We opted for the pork platter with one beef dish. I ate far more than I needed, I just couldn’t stop.


Employees Only, 510 Hudson St.

Now, I have to admit I was suffering from jet lag this evening and was having a bit of a moment. After two cocktails I was ready to call it a night. But I can see why people love this place and why it comes so highly recommended. The cocktails were great and the music was spot on. It is famous for its excellent bar staff and even has a tarot card reader in the entrance. Definitely one I will be going back to when I have more energy.

Bathtub Gin, 132 9th Avenue

This was where we spent New Year’s Eve and what a night! To reach Bathtub Gin you arrive through the tiny store front of Stone Street Coffee Company. It is opulent and decadent inside, and feels just like you imagine a speak easy to. The cocktails kept on coming and posing in the bath tub in the bar was necessary. Booking is definitely advised.

The ones we didn’t make it to

Clinton St Bakery Company

There is always a queue for this brunch spot. The only way to avoid it seems to be there incredibly early, or to download an app. Unfortunately this is only available on the American App Store, so we weren’t able to.

Russ and Daughters

Again, just down the road from our hotel. A world renowned Jewish cafe. Whenever we tried to go there was an hour and a half wait, so it must be good!


This very elusive cocktail bar. Hidden behind the most unremarkable door. We did manage to find the door. But it was so popular and busy, even when we put our names one the wait list we didn’t get a call. I think the trick is to come very early.

Two Hands 

Absolutely delicious looking brunch menu, we just ran out of meals!

Joes Pizza

Apparently the best pizza slices in New York. While I didn’t make it here, there was still time for a late night $1 slice.

So there you have it, a very varied and quite frankly delicious guide to Manhattan. Plus still so many places to go!

If you are heading to New York for the first time have a look at my post on must sees. And this post on visiting the city yet again!

Have you been? I would love to hear your thoughts and also any more recommendations!

3 thoughts on “Food and drink of New York.

  1. Everything sounds and looks amazing! I love Char Siu buns with a passion and these ones look incredible 👌🏻 great recommendations, Charlie. Will definitely check them out once I actually get myself to New York! xx


  2. Thank you! I absolutely love them too – and these are the best I’ve ever had. Xx


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